Regulation of intracellular transition metal ion level with a pH-sensitive inorganic nanocluster to improve therapeutic angiogenesis by enriching conditioned medium retrieved from human adipose derived stem cells

Yeong Hwan Kim, , , Yu-Jin Kim, Sung-Won Kim, , Young Charles Jang, Kyung Min Park, , & Suk Ho Bhang
Abstract Cell therapy based on human adipose derived stem cells (hADSCs) is a known potential therapeutic approach to induce angiogenesis in ischemic diseases. However, the therapeutic efficacy of direct hADSC injection is limited by a low cell viability and poor cell engraftment after administration. To improve the outcomes of this kind of approach, various types of nanoparticles have been utilized to improve the therapeutic efficacy of hADSC transplantation. Despite their advantages, the adverse effects of...
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