Supplementary material from \"Species traits elucidate crop pest response to landscape composition: a global analysis\"

Giovanni Tamburini, Giacomo Santoiemma, Megan O'Rourke, Riccardo Bommarco, Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer, Matteo Dainese, Daniel S. Karp, Tania N. Kim, Emily A. Martin, Matt Petersen & Lorenzo Marini
Recent synthesis studies have shown inconsistent responses of crop pests to landscape composition, imposing a fundamental limit to our capacity to design sustainable crop protection strategies to reduce yield losses caused by insect pests. Using a global dataset composed of 5242 observations encompassing 48 agricultural pest species and 26 crop species, we tested the role of pest traits (exotic status, host breadth and habitat breadth) and environmental context (crop type, range in landscape gradient and...
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