Genome-wide analysis and prediction of genes involved in the biosynthesis of polysaccharides and bioactive secondary metabolites in high-temperature-tolerant wild Flammulina filiformis

Juan Chen, Jia-Mei Li, Yan-Jing Tang, Ke Ma, Bing Li, Xu Zeng, Xiao-Bin Liu, Yang Li, , Wei-Nan Xu, Bao-Gui Xie, Hong-Wei Liu &
Abstract Background Flammulina filiformis (previously known as Asian F. velutipes) is a popular commercial edible mushroom. Many bioactive compounds with medicinal effects, such as polysaccharides and sesquiterpenoids, have been isolated and identified from F. filiformis, but their biosynthesis and regulation at the molecular level remains unclear. In this study, we sequenced the genome of the wild strain F. filiformis Liu355, predicted its biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) and profiled the expression of these genes in wild...
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