Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation for high-normal blood pressure: study protocol for a randomized controlled pilot trial

Yu Wang, Guang-Xia Shi, Zhong-Xue Tian, Jun-Hong Liu, You-Sheng Qi, Jian-Feng Tu, Jing-Wen Yang, Li-Qiong Wang & Cun-Zhi Liu
Abstract Background High-normal blood pressure (BP) is associated with increased all-cause, cardiovascular mortality and frequently progresses to hypertension. Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation (TEAS) might be a non-pharmaceutical therapy option to control BP. This trial aims to determine the effectiveness and safety of TEAS combined with lifestyle modification for high-normal BP. Methods/design This prospective, randomized, and parallel clinical trial will be conducted in a community service center in China. Sixty participants with high-normal BP will be...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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