Temporal expression study of miRNAs in the crown tissues of winter wheat grown under natural growth conditions

Menglei Wang, Chenhui Yang, Kangning Wei, Miao Zhao, Liqiang Shen, Jie Ji, Li Wang, Daijing Zhang, Junqiang Guo, Yun Zheng, Juanjuan Yu, Mo Zhu, Haiying Liu & Yong-Fang Li
Abstract Background Winter wheat requires prolonged exposure to low temperature to initiate flowering (vernalization). Shoot apical meristem of the crown is the site of cold perception, which produces leaf primordia during vegetative growth before developing into floral primordia at the initiation of the reproductive phase. Although many essential genes for winter wheat cold acclimation and floral initiation have been revealed, the importance of microRNA (miRNA) meditated post-transcriptional regulation in crowns is not well understood. To...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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