Genomic and resistome analysis of Alcaligenes faecalis strain PGB1 by Nanopore MinION and Illumina Technologies

Jidong Lang, Yanju Li, Wenjuan Yang, Ruyi Dong, Yuebin Liang, Jia Liu, Lanyou Chen, Weiwei Wang, Binbin Ji, Geng Tian, Nanying Che & Bo Meng
Abstract Background Drug-resistant bacteria are important carriers of antibiotic-resistant genes (ARGs). This fact is crucial for the development of precise clinical drug treatment strategies. Long-read sequencing platforms such as the Oxford Nanopore sequencer can improve genome assembly efficiency particularly when they are combined with short-read sequencing data. Results Alcaligenes faecalis PGB1 was isolated and identified with resistance to penicillin and three other antibiotics. After being sequenced by Nanopore MinION and Illumina sequencer, its entire genome...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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