Spatiotemporal analysis of all-fiber multimode interference-based saturable absorber via mode-resolved nonlinear Schrodinger equation

Guohao Fu, Jiading Tian, Tiancheng Qi, Yulun Wu, Ying Zhao, Qirong Xiao, Dan Li, Mali Gong & Ping Yan
This paper presents an approach that combines the generalized multimode nonlinear Schrodinger equation with a transmission model to analyze spatiotemporal characteristics of multimode interference in single mode/large mode area fiber–graded-index multimode fiber–single-mode fiber (SMF/LMA-GIMF-SMF) structures for the first time. Approximated self-imaging (ASIM) behavior in GIMF and the study of the latter structure used in spatiotemporal mode-locked fiber lasers are first demonstrated. Simulations show that these structures can work as saturable absorbers enabling high-energy pulse output...
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