Significant performance enhancement of UV-Vis self-powered CsPbBr3 quantum dot-based photodetectors induced by ligand modification and P3HT embedding

Meng Wang, Dehai Liang, Wen Ma, Qionghua Mo, Zhigang Zang, Qingkai Qian & wensi cai
In this work, we report a novel strategy in improving the performance of UV-Vis self-powered CsPbBr₃ quantum dots (QDs) photodetectors (PDs) by ligand modification and P3HT embedding. Compared with those based on pure QDs, modified PDs show a shorten of response time by nearly 10 times, and an increase of maximum responsivity and specific detectivity for nearly 45 and 97 times, respectively. Such PDs also show a high stability with 90% of the initial photocurrent...
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