AADAC protects colorectal cancer liver colonization from ferroptosis through SLC7A11-dependent inhibition of lipid peroxidation

Rongquan Sun, Zhifei Lin, Xiangyu Wang, Lu Liu, Meisi Huo, Rui Zhang, Jing Lin, Chao Xiao, Yitong Li, Wenwei Zhu, Lu Lu, Jubo Zhang & Jinhong Chen
Abstract Background Oxidative stress is a highly active metabolic process in the liver, that poses great threats to disseminated tumor cells during their colonization. Here, we aimed to investigate how colorectal cancer (CRC) cells overcome lipid peroxidation to sustain their metastatic colonization in the liver. Methods Orthotopic colorectal liver metastasis (CRLM) and CRC liver colonization mouse models were constructed to determine the roles of lipid peroxidation and AADAC in CRC liver colonization. The levels of...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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