Rapid and sensitive single-cell RNA sequencing with SHERRY2

Lin Di, Bo Liu, Yuzhu Lyu, Shihui Zhao, Yuhong Pang, Chen Zhang, Jianbin Wang, Hai Qi, Jie Shen & Yanyi Huang
Abstract Background Prevalent single-cell transcriptomic profiling (scRNA-seq) methods are mainly based on the synthesis and enrichment of full-length double-stranded complementary DNA. These approaches are challenging to generate accurate quantification of transcripts when their abundance is low or their full-length amplifications are difficult. Results Based on our previous finding that Tn5 transposase can directly cut-and-tag DNA/RNA hetero-duplexes, we present SHERRY2, a specifically optimized protocol for scRNA-seq without second-strand cDNA synthesis. SHERRY2 is free of pre-amplification and...
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