Synaptic alterations in visual cortex reshape contrast-dependent gamma oscillations and inhibition-excitation ratio in a genetic mouse model of migraine

Nicolò Meneghetti, Chiara Cerri, Eleonora Vannini, Elena Tantillo, Angelita Tottene, Daniela Pietrobon, Matteo Caleo & Alberto Mazzoni
Abstract Background Migraine affects a significant fraction of the world population, yet its etiology is not completely understood. In vitro results highlighted thalamocortical and intra-cortical glutamatergic synaptic gain-of-function associated with a monogenic form of migraine (familial-hemiplegic-migraine-type-1: FHM1). However, how these alterations reverberate on cortical activity remains unclear. As altered responsivity to visual stimuli and abnormal processing of visual sensory information are common hallmarks of migraine, herein we investigated the effects of FHM1-driven synaptic alterations in...
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