Identification of TLN1 as a prognostic biomarker to effect cell proliferation and differentiation in acute myeloid leukemia

Di Cui, Xilong Cui, Xiaoliang Xu, Wenjing Zhang, Yu Yu, Yingxin Gao, Chuanzhong Mei & Weiwei Zheng
Abstract The protein Talin1 encoded by the TLN1 gene is a focal adhesion-related protein that binds to various cytoskeletal proteins and plays an important role in cell adhesion and movement. Recent studies have shown that it is overexpressed in prostate cancer, liver cancer, and oral squamous cell carcinoma, and is closely related to tumor progression and metastasis. This study integrated bioinformatics and functional analysis to reveal the prognosis and potential functions of TLN1 in AML....
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