5-Methoxyflavone-induced AMPKα activation inhibits NF-κB and P38 MAPK signaling to attenuate influenza A virus-mediated inflammation and lung injury in vitro and in vivo

Sushan Yang, Linxin Wang, Xiping Pan, Yueyun Liang, Yuehan Zhang, Jing Li & Beixian Zhou
Abstract Influenza-related acute lung injury (ALI) is a life-threatening condition that results mostly from uncontrolled replication of influenza virus (IV) and severe proinflammatory responses. The methoxy flavonoid compound 5-methoxyflavone (5-MF) is believed to have superior biological activity in the treatment of cancer. However, the effects and underlying mechanism of 5-MF on IV-mediated ALI are still unclear. Here, we showed that 5-MF significantly improved the survival of mice with lethal IV infection and ameliorated IV-mediated lung...
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