Ex vivo expanded human regulatory T cells modify neuroinflammation in a preclinical model of Alzheimer’s disease

Alireza Faridar, Matthew Vasquez, Aaron D. Thome, Zheng Yin, Hui Xuan, Jing Hong Wang, Shixiang Wen, Xuping Li, Jason R. Thonhoff, Weihua Zhao, Hong Zhao, David R. Beers, Stephen T. C. Wong, Joseph C. Masdeu & Stanley H. Appel
Abstract Background Regulatory T cells (Tregs) play a neuroprotective role by suppressing microglia and macrophage-mediated inflammation and modulating adaptive immune reactions. We previously documented that Treg immunomodulatory mechanisms are compromised in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Ex vivo expansion of Tregs restores and amplifies their immunosuppressive functions in vitro. A key question is whether adoptive transfer of ex vivo expanded human Tregs can suppress neuroinflammation and amyloid pathology in a preclinical mouse model. Methods An immunodeficient mouse...
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