miR-351 promotes atherosclerosis in diabetes by inhibiting the ITGB3/PIK3R1/Akt pathway and induces endothelial cell injury and lipid accumulation

Hong Li, Dan Song, Qihui Liu, Linlin Li, Xiaoshi Sun, Jiamei Guo, Dianlian Li & Ping Li
Abstract Background The miR-351 gene is significantly upregulated in diabetic mice with atherosclerosis. However, the mechanism by which its presence is important for the overall disease has not been elucidated. Therefore, this study will investigate the mechanism of miR-351 in the process of diabetes mellitus with atherosclerosis through miR-351 gene knockout mice. Methods In this study, miR-351−/− C57BL/6 mice were first induced to form a type 2 diabetes mellitus model with atherosclerosis by STZ injection...
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