Sequencing individual genomes with recurrent genomic disorder deletions: an approach to characterize genes for autosomal recessive rare disease traits

Bo Yuan, Katharina V. Schulze, Nurit Assia Batzir, Jefferson Sinson, Hongzheng Dai, Wenmiao Zhu, Francia Bocanegra, Chin-To Fong, Jimmy Holder, Joanne Nguyen, Christian P. Schaaf, Yaping Yang, Weimin Bi, Christine Eng, Chad Shaw, James R. Lupski & Pengfei Liu
Abstract Background In medical genetics, discovery and characterization of disease trait contributory genes and alleles depends on genetic reasoning, study design, and patient ascertainment; we suggest a segmental haploid genetics approach to enhance gene discovery and molecular diagnostics. Methods We constructed a genome-wide map for nonallelic homologous recombination (NAHR)-mediated recurrent genomic deletions and used this map to estimate population frequencies of NAHR deletions based on large-scale population cohorts and region-specific studies. We calculated recessive disease...
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