Inhibition of CISD2 promotes ferroptosis through ferritinophagy-mediated ferritin turnover and regulation of p62–Keap1–NRF2 pathway

Yanchun Li, Bing Xu, Xueying Ren, Luyang Wang, Yaqing Xu, Yefeng Zhao, Chen Yang, Chen Yuan, Huanjuan Li, Xiangmin Tong, Ying Wang & Jing Du
Abstract Background CDGSH iron sulfur domain 2 (CISD2) is an iron–sulfur protein with a [2Fe–2S] cluster, which is critical for cell proliferation and iron homeostasis. It has been demonstrated that aberrant expression of CISD2 is associated with the progression of multiple cancers. However, the underlying mechanism of CISD2 in regulating tumorigenesis remains obscure. Methods Bioinformatics strategies were used to investigate the protein interaction network and functional annotation of CISD2. In the functional experiment, cell viability...
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