P800SO3-PEG: a renal clearable bone-targeted fluorophore for theranostic imaging

Haoran Wang, Homan Kang, Jason Dinh, Shinya Yokomizo, Wesley R. Stiles, Molly Tully, Kevin Cardenas, Surbhi Srinivas, Jason Ingerick, Sung Ahn, Kai Bao & Hak Soo Choi
Abstract Background Due to the deep tissue penetration and reduced scattering, NIR-II fluorescence imaging is advantageous over conventional visible and NIR-I fluorescence imaging for the detection of bone growth, metabolism, metastasis, and other bone-related diseases. Methods Bone-targeted heptamethine cyanine fluorophores were synthesized by substituting the meso-carbon with a sulfur atom, resulting in a bathochromic shift and increased fluorescence intensity. The physicochemical, optical, and thermal stability of newly synthesized bone-targeted NIR fluorophores was performed in aqueous...
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