Interactions of CDKAL1 rs7747752 polymorphism and serum levels of L-carnitine and choline are related to increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus

Hui Wang, Jing Li, Jinnan Liu, Junhong Leng, Weiqin Li, Zhijie Yu, Claudia H. T. Tam, Gang Hu, Ronald C. W. Ma, Zhongze Fang, Ying Wang & Xilin Yang
Abstract Background Interactions between genetic, metabolic, and environmental factors lead to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). We aimed to examine interactive effects of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 regulatory subunit-associated protein1-like 1(CDKAL1) rs7747752 polymorphism with low serum levels of L-carnitine, choline, and betaine for GDM. Methods A nested case-control study of 207 GDM women and their one-to-one, age-matched controls was organized from a prospective cohort of pregnant women in Tianjin, China. Conditional logistic regressions were used to test...
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