High-energy Q switched Yb-doped fiber laser based on a ternary layered structured Ti2AlC saturable absorber

KANG ZHANG, Ming Feng, Jinyue Xie, Xu Sang, Guoqing Sun, Ye Tian, Feng Song & Wei Huang
Ti₂AlC is a kind of ternary layered structured ceramic metal compound, combing advantages of both ceramic and metal. Herein, the saturable absorption performance of Ti₂AlC at 1 μm waveband is investigated for the first time. The Ti₂AlC behaves with excellent saturable absorption, which has a modulation depth of 14.53% and a saturable intensity of 13.27 MW/cm². An all-normal dispersion fiber laser based on the Ti₂AlC saturable absorber (SA) is constructed. The repetition frequency of the...
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