Krüppel-like factor 7 influences translation and pathways involved in ribosomal biogenesis in breast cancer

Anne-Marie Lüchtenborg, Patrick Metzger, Miguel Cosenza Contreras, Victor Oria, Martin L. Biniossek, Franziska Lindner, Klemens Fröhlich, Ambrus Malyi, Thalia Erbes, Nicole Gensch, Jochen Maurer, Andreas Thomsen, Melanie Boerries, Oliver Schilling, Martin Werner & Peter Bronsert
Abstract Background Ribosomal biogenesis and ribosomal proteins have attracted attention in the context of tumor biology in recent years. Instead of being mere translational machineries, ribosomes might play an active role in tumor initiation and progression. Despite its importance, regulation of ribosomal biogenesis is still not completely understood. Methods Using Gene Set Enrichment Analysis of RNA sequencing and proteomical mass spectrometry data in breast cancer cells expressing Krüppel-like factor 7 (KLF7), we identified processes altered...
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