Descriptive analyses of maternally-derived antibody levels against porcine circovirus 2 (PCV-2) in 3- and 21-day-old piglets from farms of four European countries using different vaccination protocols in sows

M. Sibila, A. Llorens, E. Huerta, C. Fablet, M. Faderl, L. Ferrari, N. Rose, A. Palzer, P. Martelli, M. C. Venegas-Vargas, D. Fredrickson, L. Taylor, M. Balasch, M. Bandrick & J. Segalés
Abstract Background Up to now, information on the levels of maternally-derived antibodies (MDA) against PCV-2 in suckling piglets born to sows vaccinated with different strategies is scarce in the literature. In the present observational study, the PCV-2-specific MDA titres from piglets from 109 farms (thirty 3-day-old and thirty 21-day-old piglets per farm) across four different European countries (France n = 30, Germany n = 27, Italy n = 22 and Spain n = 30) using...
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