Omentin1 ameliorates myocardial ischemia-induced heart failure via SIRT3/FOXO3a-dependent mitochondrial dynamical homeostasis and mitophagy

Jingui Hu, Tao Liu, Fei Fu, Zekun Cui, Qiong Lai, Yuanyuan Zhang, Boyang Yu, Fuming Liu, Junping Kou & Fang Li
Abstract Background Adipose tissue-derived adipokines are involved in various crosstalk between adipose tissue and other organs. Omentin1, a novel adipokine, exerts vital roles in the maintenance of body metabolism, insulin resistance and the like. However, the protective effect of omentin1 in myocardial ischemia (MI)-induced heart failure (HF) and its specific mechanism remains unclear and to be elucidated. Methods The model of MI-induced HF mice and oxygen glucose deprivation (OGD)-injured cardiomyocytes were performed. Mice with overexpression...
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