Apolipoprotein-A is a potential prognostic biomarker for severe aplastic anemia patients treated with ATG-based immunosuppressive therapy: a single-center retrospective study

Qi Liu, Huijie Dong, Yuzhu Li, Yingying Shen, Yilei Hong, Ying Chen, Shan Liu, Xiaolian Wu, Wenbin Liu, Huijin Hu, Yuechao Zhao, Shenyun Lin, Yiping Shen, Yuhong Zhou, Baodong Ye & Dijiong Wu
Abstract Background Anti-thymoglobulin (ATG)-based immunosuppressive treatment (IST) is the standard first-line management for patients with severe AA/very severe AA (SAA/VSAA) and is not suitable for allogeneic stem cell transplantation. The response predictor was not fully investigated. Objective The present study attempted to explore other characteristics, such as serum lipid changes, during ATG-based IST and analyzed their significance in predicting IST response and survival. Methods A total of 61 newly diagnosed SAA/VSAA patients who received ATG-based...
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