ADSCs-derived exosomes ameliorate hepatic fibrosis by suppressing stellate cell activation and remodeling hepatocellular glutamine synthetase-mediated glutamine and ammonia homeostasis

Baitong Wu, Jiuxing Feng, Jingyi Guo, Jian Wang, Guanghui Xiu, Jiaqi Xu, Ke Ning, Bin Ling, Qingchun Fu & Jun Xu
Abstract Background Hepatic fibrosis is a common pathologic stage in chronic liver disease development, which might ultimately lead to liver cirrhosis. Accumulating evidence suggests that adipose-derived stromal cells (ADSCs)-based therapies show excellent therapeutic potential in liver injury disease owing to its superior properties, including tissue repair ability and immunomodulation effect. However, cell-based therapy still limits to several problems, such as engraftment efficiency and immunoreaction, which impede the ADSCs-based therapeutics development. So, ADSCs-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs),...
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