A high-quality Buxus austro-yunnanensis (Buxales) genome provides new insights into karyotype evolution in early eudicots

Zhenyue Wang, Ying Li, Pengchuan Sun, Mingjia Zhu, Dandan Wang, Zhiqiang Lu, Hongyin Hu, Renping Xu, Jin Zhang, Jianxiang Ma, Jianquan Liu & Yongzhi Yang
Abstract Background Eudicots are the most diverse group of flowering plants that compromise five well-defined lineages: core eudicots, Ranunculales, Proteales, Trochodendrales, and Buxales. However, the phylogenetic relationships between these five lineages and their chromosomal evolutions remain unclear, and a lack of high-quality genome analyses for Buxales has hindered many efforts to address this knowledge gap. Results Here, we present a high-quality chromosome-level genome of Buxus austro-yunnanensis (Buxales). Our phylogenomic analyses revealed that Buxales and Trochodendrales...
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