Heart-targeting exosomes from human cardiosphere-derived cells improve the therapeutic effect on cardiac hypertrophy

Liang Mao, Yun-Da Li, Ruo-Lan Chen, Gang Li, Xiao-Xia Zhou, Fei Song, Chan Wu, Yu Hu, Yi-Xiang Hong, Xitong Dang, Gui-Rong Li & Yan Wang
Abstract Exosomes of human cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs) are very promising for treating cardiovascular disorders. However, the current challenge is inconvenient delivery methods of exosomes for clinical application. The present study aims to explore the potential to enhance the therapeutic effect of exosome (EXO) from human CDCs to myocardial hypertrophy. A heart homing peptide (HHP) was displayed on the surface of exosomes derived from CDCs that were forced to express the HHP fused on the N-terminus...
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