Changes in concentrations of cervicovaginal immune mediators across the menstrual cycle: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data

Sean M. Hughes, Claire N. Levy, Ronit Katz, Erica M. Lokken, Melis N. Anahtar, Melissa Barousse Hall, Frideborg Bradley, Philip E. Castle, Valerie Cortez, Gustavo F. Doncel, Raina Fichorova, Paul L. Fidel, Keith R. Fowke, Suzanna C. Francis, Mimi Ghosh, Loris Y. Hwang, Mariel Jais, Vicky Jespers, Vineet Joag, Rupert Kaul, Jordan Kyongo, Timothy Lahey, Huiying Li, Julia Makinde, Lyle R. McKinnon … & Florian Hladik
Abstract Background Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle play a key role in shaping immunity in the cervicovaginal tract. Cervicovaginal fluid contains cytokines, chemokines, immunoglobulins, and other immune mediators. Many studies have shown that the concentrations of these immune mediators change throughout the menstrual cycle, but the studies have often shown inconsistent results. Our understanding of immunological correlates of the menstrual cycle remains limited and could be improved by meta-analysis of the available evidence. Methods...
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