Supplementary material from \"Symbiont specificity differs among green hydra strains\"

Ryo Miyokawa, Maki Hanada, Yumiko Togawa, Taichi Q. Itoh, Yoshitaka Kobayakawa & Junko Kusumi
The symbiotic hydra Hydra viridissima has a stable symbiotic relationship with the green alga Chlorella. This hydra appears to cospeciate with the symbiotic alga, and some strains are known to have strain-specific host/symbiont combinations. To investigate the mechanism of the specificity between host and symbiont, we explored the effect of the removal or exchange of symbionts in two distantly related H. viridissima strains (K10 and M9). In the K10 strain, severe morphological and behavioural changes...
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