Hand hygiene improvement of individual healthcare workers: results of the multicentre PROHIBIT study

Tjallie van der Kooi, Hugo Sax, Hajo Grundmann, Didier Pittet, Sabine de Greeff, Jaap van Dissel, Lauren Clack, Albert W. Wu, Judith Davitt, Sofia Kostourou, Alison Maguinness, Anna Michalik, Viorica Nedelcu, Márta Patyi, Janja Perme Hajdinjak, Milena Prosen, David Tellez, Éva Varga, Fani Veini, Mirosław Ziętkiewicz & Walter Zingg
Abstract Background Traditionally, hand hygiene (HH) interventions do not identify the observed healthcare workers (HWCs) and therefore, reflect HH compliance only at population level. Intensive care units (ICUs) in seven European hospitals participating in the “Prevention of Hospital Infections by Intervention and Training” (PROHIBIT) study provided individual HH compliance levels. We analysed these to understand the determinants and dynamics of individual change in relation to the overall intervention effect. Methods We included HCWs who contributed...
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