Doppler study of portal vein and renal venous velocity predict the appropriate fluid response to diuretic in ICU: a prospective observational echocardiographic evaluation

Pierre-Grégoire Guinot, Pierre-Alain Bahr, Stefan Andrei, Bogdan A. Popescu, Vincenza Caruso, Paul-Michel Mertes, Vivien Berthoud, Maxime Nguyen & Belaid Bouhemad
Abstract Background Fluid overload and venous congestion are associated with morbi-mortality in the ICU (intensive care unit). Administration of diuretics to correct the fluid balance is common, although there is no strong relationship between the consequent fluid loss and clinical improvement. The aim of the study was to evaluate the ability of the portal pulsatility index, the renal venous impedance index, and the VEXUS score (venous ultrasound congestion score) to predict appropriate diuretic-induced fluid depletion....
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