Highly sensitive terahertz sensing with 3D-printed metasurfaces empowered by a toroidal dipole

Wei Yin, zhonglei shen, Yuqing Cui, Huibo Hao, Hao Zhang, Shengnan Li, Feng Gao, Shuting Fan, Liuyang Zhang & xuefeng chen
Label-free terahertz (THz) sensing with metasurfaces has attracted considerable attention in recent years, however, ultrahigh sensing sensitivity remains to be a huge challenge for practical applications. To improve the sensitivity of these devices, herein we have proposed an out-of-plane metasurface-assisted THz sensor consisting of periodically arranged bar-like meta-atoms. Benefiting from elaborate out-of-plane structures, the proposed THz sensor with high sensing sensitivity of 325 GHz/RIU can be easily fabricated via a simple three-step fabrication process. And,...
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