Costunolide is a dual inhibitor of MEK1 and AKT1/2 that overcomes osimertinib resistance in lung cancer

Xueli Tian, Rui Wang, Tingxuan Gu, Fayang Ma, Kyle Vaughn Laster, Xiang Li, Kangdong Liu, Mee-Hyun Lee & Zigang Dong
Abstract EGFR-TKI targeted therapy is one of the most effective treatments for lung cancer patients harboring EGFR activating mutations. However, inhibition response is easily attenuated by drug resistance, which is mainly due to bypass activation or downstream activation. Herein, we established osimertinib-resistant cells by stepwise dose-escalation in vitro and an osimertinib-resistant patient-derived xenograft model through persistent treatment in vivo. Phosphorylated proteomics identified that MEK1 and AKT1/2 were abnormally activated in resistant cells compared with parental...
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