GATA-type transcriptional factor SpGAT1 interacts with SpMIG1 and promotes lipid accumulation in the oleaginous yeast $$Saitozyma \ podzolica$$ S a i t o z y m a p o d

Yulu Ran, Hui Xu, Qingzhuoma Yang, Yi Xu, Huahao Yang, Dairong Qiao & Yi Cao
Abstract Background In oleaginous yeast, nitrogen limitation is a critical parameter for lipid synthesis. GATA-family transcriptional factor GAT1, a member of the target of rapamycin (TOR) pathway and nitrogen catabolite repression (NCR), regulates nitrogen uptake and utilization. Therefore, it is significant to study the SpGAT1 regulatory mechanism of lipid metabolism for conversion of biomass to microbial oil in $$Saitozyma \ podzolica$$ S a i t o z y m a p o d z o...
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