Mobile group I introns at nuclear rDNA position L2066 harbor sense and antisense homing endonuclease genes intervened by spliceosomal introns

Kjersti Lian, Betty M. N. Furulund, Anders A. Tveita, Peik Haugen & Steinar D. Johansen
Abstract Background Mobile group I introns encode homing endonucleases that confer intron mobility initiated by a double-strand break in the intron-lacking allele at the site of insertion. Nuclear ribosomal DNA of some fungi and protists contain mobile group I introns harboring His-Cys homing endonuclease genes (HEGs). An intriguing question is how protein-coding genes embedded in nuclear ribosomal DNA become expressed. To address this gap of knowledge we analyzed nuclear L2066 group I introns from myxomycetes...
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