Genomic characterization of peste des petits ruminants vaccine seed “45G37/35-k”, Russia

Olivier Kwiatek, Geneviève Libeau, Samia Guendouz, Chloé Corbanini, Andrey Gogin, Andrey Lunitsin, Irina Sindryakova, Denis Koblasov & Arnaud Bataille
Abstract Production of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) vaccines in Russia is based on two attenuated virus strains (“45G37/35-k” and “ARRIAH”) of common origin. Here, the identity of the strain PPRV/45G37/35-k was investigated using a full genome, Illumina deep sequencing approach. Phylogenomic analysis showed that PPRV/45G37/35-k belongs to the same lineage as the widely used PPRV vaccine strain Nigeria/75/1 (lineage II). However, 248 nucleotide differences separate the genomes of these vaccine strains, indicating that the...
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