Influence of experience on dental implant placement: an in vitro comparison of freehand, static guided and dynamic navigation approaches

Xiaotong Wang, Eman Shaheen, Sohaib Shujaat, Jan Meeus, Paul Legrand, Pierre Lahoud, Maurício do Nascimento Gerhardt, Constantinus Politis & Reinhilde Jacobs
Abstract Purpose This study aimed to investigate the performance of novice versus experienced practitioners for placing dental implant using freehand, static guided and dynamic navigation approaches. Methods A total of 72 implants were placed in 36 simulation models. Three experienced and three novice practitioners were recruited for performing the osteotomy and implant insertion with freehand, surgical guide (pilot-drill guidance) and navigation (X-Guide, X-Nav technologies) approaches. Each practitioner inserted 4 implants per approach randomly with a...
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