A low-cost genomics workflow enables isolate screening and strain-level analyses within microbiomes

Jon G. Sanders, Weiwei Yan, Deus Mjungu, Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf, John A. Hart, Crickette M. Sanz, David B. Morgan, Martine Peeters, Beatrice H. Hahn & Andrew H. Moeller
Abstract Earth’s environments harbor complex consortia of microbes that affect processes ranging from host health to biogeochemical cycles. Understanding their evolution and function is limited by an inability to isolate genomes in a high-throughput manner. Here, we present a workflow for bacterial whole-genome sequencing using open-source labware and the OpenTrons robotics platform, reducing costs to approximately $10 per genome. We assess genomic diversity within 45 gut bacterial species from wild-living chimpanzees and bonobos. We quantify...
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