RNA binding protein HuR protects against NAFLD by suppressing long noncoding RNA H19 expression

Yanyan Wang, Yun-Ling Tai, Grayson Way, Jing Zeng, Derrick Zhao, Lianyong Su, Xixian Jiang, Kaitlyn G. Jackson, Xuan Wang, Emily C. Gurley, Jinze Liu, Jinpeng Liu, Weidong Chen, Xiang-Yang Wang, Arun J. Sanyal, Phillip B. Hylemon & Huiping Zhou
Abstract Background NAFLD has become the most common chronic liver disease worldwide. Human antigen R (HuR), an RNA-binding protein, is an important post-transcriptional regulator. HuR has been reported as a key player in regulating lipid homeostasis in the liver and adipose tissues by using tissue-specific HuR knockout mice. However, the underlying mechanism by which hepatocyte-specific HuR regulates hepatic lipid metabolism under metabolic stress remains unclear and is the focus of this study. Methods Hepatocyte-specific HuR...
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