Thrombus-targeted nano-agents for NIR-II diagnostic fluorescence imaging-guided flap thromboembolism multi-model therapy

Zichen Cao, Xinyu Zhang, Zheng Wei, Chuanhui Song, Huihui Zou, Jianchuan Ran, Hongbo Zhang, Diya Xie, Shengwei Han, Yufeng Wang, Yu Cai & Wei Han
Abstract In oral and maxillofacial surgery, flap repair is essential to the quality of postoperative life. Still, thrombosis is fatal for the survival of the flaps. Besides, some postoperative thrombotic diseases, such as pulmonary embolism, also intimidate patients’ life. The traditional diagnostic methods are still limited by a large amount of hardware and suffer from inconvenience, delay, and subjectivity. Moreover, the treatments mainly rely upon thrombolytics, such as urokinase (UK) plasminogen activator, which may cause...
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