Proteomic analysis implicates that postovulatory aging leads to aberrant gene expression, biosynthesis, RNA metabolism and cell cycle in mouse oocytes

Chuanxin Zhang, Xueqi Dong, Xinyi Yuan, Jinzhu Song, Jiawei Wang, Boyang Liu & Keliang Wu
Abstract Background In mammals, oocytes display compromised quality after experiencing a process of postovulatory aging. However, the mechanisms underlying are not yet fully understood. Here, we portrayed a protein expression profile of fresh and aging metaphase II (MII) mouse oocytes by means of four-dimensional label-free quantification mass spectrometry (4D-LFQ). Results The analysis of 4D-LFQ data illustrated that there were seventy-six differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) between two groups of MII stage oocytes. Fifty-three DEPs were up-regulated...
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