Expiratory high-frequency percussive ventilation: a novel concept for improving gas exchange

Ferenc Peták, Gergely H. Fodor, Álmos Schranc, Roberta Südy, Ádám L. Balogh, Barna Babik, André Dos Santos Rocha, Sam Bayat, Davide Bizzotto, Raffaele L. Dellacà & Walid Habre
Abstract Background Although high-frequency percussive ventilation (HFPV) improves gas exchange, concerns remain about tissue overdistension caused by the oscillations and consequent lung damage. We compared a modified percussive ventilation modality created by superimposing high-frequency oscillations to the conventional ventilation waveform during expiration only (eHFPV) with conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV) and standard HFPV. Methods Hypoxia and hypercapnia were induced by decreasing the frequency of CMV in New Zealand White rabbits (n = 10). Following steady-state CMV...
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