Mapping of Candidate Genes in Response to Low Nitrogen in Rice Seedlings

Jia Li, Wei Xin, Weiping Wang, Shijiao Zhao, Lu Xu, Xingdong Jiang, Yuxuan Duan, Hongliang Zheng, Luomiao Yang, Hualong Liu, Yan Jia, Detang Zou & Jingguo Wang
Abstract Nitrogen is not only a macronutrient essential for crop growth and development, but also one of the most critical nutrients in farmland ecosystem. Insufficient nitrogen supply will lead to crop yield reduction, while excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer will cause agricultural and eco-environment damage. Therefore, mining low-nitrogen tolerant rice genes and improving nitrogen use efficiency are of great significance to the sustainable development of agriculture. This study was conducted by Genome-wide association study on...
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