Identification of pyroptosis-related genes and long non-coding RNAs signatures in osteosarcoma

Jian Zhang, Jianjian Deng, Rui Ding, Jinghong Yuan, Jiahao Liu, Xiaokun Zhao, Tianlong Wu, Jingyu Jia & Xigao Cheng
Abstract Osteosarcoma is a highly malignant tumor, with very high disability and fatality rates. However, the overall prognosis is not optimistic. Pyroptosis is a newly discovered cell death modality accompanied by inflammation, which is closely related to varieties of cancers. In this study, the RNA-seq data were downloaded from public databases, the differences in the expression of the pyroptosis-related genes (PRGs) were identified, and the six PRGs signature was established through the univariate and LASSO...
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