Supplementary material from \"Changes in invertebrate food web structure between high- and low-productivity environments are driven by intermediate but not top-predator diet shifts\"

Ana Miller-ter Kuile, Austen Apigo, An Bui, Kirsten Butner, Jasmine N. Childress, Stephanie Copeland, Bartholomew P. DiFiore, Elizabeth S. Forbes, Maggie Klope, Carina I. Motta, Devyn Orr, Katherine A. Plummer, Daniel L. Preston & Hillary S. Young
Predator–prey interactions shape ecosystem stability and are influenced by changes in ecosystem productivity. However, because multiple biotic and abiotic drivers shape the trophic responses of predators to productivity, we often observe patterns, but not mechanisms, by which productivity drives food web structure. One way to capture mechanisms shaping trophic responses is to quantify trophic interactions among multiple trophic groups and by using complementary metrics of trophic ecology. In this study, we combine two diet-tracing methods:...
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