Dietary protein and the glycemic index handle insulin resistance within a nutritional program for avoiding weight regain after energy-restricted induced weight loss

Fernando Vidal-Ostos, Omar Ramos-Lopez, Susan A. Jebb, Angeliki Papadaki, Andreas F. H. Pfeiffer, Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska, Marie Kunešová, Ellen E. Blaak, Arne Astrup & J. Alfredo Martinez
Abstract Background and aim The role of dietary protein and glycemic index on insulin resistance (based on TyG index) within a nutritional program for weight loss and weight maintenance was examined. Methods This study analyzed 744 adults with overweight/obesity within the DIOGenes project. Patients who lost at least 8% of their initial weight (0–8 weeks) after a low-calorie diet (LCD) were randomly assigned to one of five ad libitum diets designed for weight maintenance (8–34...
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