Maintaining healthy sleep patterns and frailty transitions: a prospective Chinese study

Yunqing Zhu, Junning Fan, Jun Lv, Yu Guo, Pei Pei, Ling Yang, Yiping Chen, Huaidong Du, Feifei Li, Xiaoming Yang, Daniel Avery, Junshi Chen, Zhengming Chen, Canqing Yu & Liming Li
Abstract Background Little is known about the effects of maintaining healthy sleep patterns on frailty transitions. Methods Based on 23,847 Chinese adults aged 30–79 in a prospective cohort study, we examined the associations between sleep patterns and frailty transitions. Healthy sleep patterns included sleep duration at 7 or 8 h/d, without insomnia disorder, and no snoring. Participants who persisted with a healthy sleep pattern in both surveys were defined as maintaining a healthy sleep pattern...
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