Comparative genomic and transcriptomic analyses of trans-kingdom pathogen Fusarium solani species complex reveal degrees of compartmentalization

Daphne Z. Hoh, Hsin-Han Lee, Naohisa Wada, Wei-An Liu, Min R. Lu, Cheng-Kuo Lai, Huei-Mien Ke, Pei-Feng Sun, Sen-Lin Tang, Wen-Hsin Chung, Ying-Lien Chen, Chia-Lin Chung & Isheng Jason Tsai
Abstract Background The Fusarium solani species complex (FSSC) comprises fungal pathogens responsible for mortality in a diverse range of animals and plants, but their genome diversity and transcriptome responses in animal pathogenicity remain to be elucidated. We sequenced, assembled and annotated six chromosome-level FSSC clade 3 genomes of aquatic animal and plant host origins. We established a pathosystem and investigated the expression data of F. falciforme and F. keratoplasticum in Chinese softshell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis)...
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