Integrative analysis of m3C associated genes reveals METTL2A as a potential oncogene in breast Cancer

Shuai Wang, Huiting Li, Jiheng Liu, Qianqian Zhang, Wei Xu, Juanjuan Xiang, Li Fang, Ping Xu & Zheng Li
Abstract RNA methylation modifications, especially m6A mRNA modification, are known to be extensively involved in tumor development. However, the relationship between N3-methylcytidine (m3C) related genes and tumorigenesis has rarely been studied. In this research, we found that m3C-related genes were expressed at different levels and affected patients’ prognosis across multiple cancer types from The Cancer Genome Atlas and multi-omics levels. Importantly, methyltransferase-like proteins 2A (METTL2A) had a high amplification frequency (~ 7%) in patients with...
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