Species diversity analysis of commercial Mantidis Ootheca samples contaminated by store pests based on DNA metabarcoding

Liuwei Xu, Xiaoying Zhang, Hua Guo, Xia Yang, Zhimei Xing, Wenzhi Yang, Jian Zhang & Xiaoxuan Tian
Abstract Mantidis Ootheca (Sangpiaoxiao, mantis egg case) is a typical multi-origin Chinese medicinal material. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that the Mantidis Ootheca originates from three species of Mantis: Tenodera sinensis, Statilia maculate, and Hierodula patellifera. However, Mantidis Ootheca mainly relies on field collection, which leads to confusion of its actual origin in the market. As the clinical use of Mantidis Ootheca with unknown original mantis species will pose potential risks to drug safety, it is...
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